Pulse Videos

Get answers to your most common ADT Pulse questions and find out how to get the most out of Pulse with these how-to videos.

How to reset your Pulse gateway


Having trouble using the ADT Pulse app to control your system? Don’t worry, your ADT system is still protecting you. But you might need to reset your gateway. This video shows you how.

How to use ADT Pulse to control your smart locks


You can’t always be there to let in the dog walker or your cleaning service. But you can still let them in. Here’s how to use ADT Pulse to control your smart door locks.

How to add a smart device to your ADT Pulse system


Give this video a look for steps to add a smart, Wi-Fi-enabled device to your system.

ADT Pulse App & Pulse Portal Interactive


Watch and learn how to manage your security system with the ADT Pulse app. This short tutorial will walk you through the ADT Pulse interactive app and its capabilities. 

Make your home smarter with Smart LED bulbs


Watch how to make your home smarter and safer with Smart LED Lights.

Arm & disarm your system using ADT Pulse


Watch and learn how to arm and disarm your alarm system with the ADT Pulse app. This short tutorial will walk you through the steps to arm and disarm the alarm system.

How to reset an offline Wi-Fi home security camera


Watch how to reset a Wi-Fi camera that is offline. Understand the causes of a Wi-Fi camera going offline and learn how to reset and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi home security camera.

Automations with ADT Pulse


Watch to learn how automate your smart devices using ADT's Pulse app.

Troubleshooting your Home Automation device

Problem with your Z-Wave home automation device? Follow these easy steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

How to reset your access code


Learn how to reset your access code on your Pulse system.

How to silence a beeping security system


Follow these easy steps to silence your system when it is beeping.

How to use Alexa to disarm your automatic locks


Watch how Alexa helps unlock your automatic door locks.

Preventing false alarms when using ADT Home Security


Watch how to prevent false alarms and avoid accidentally setting off your ADT home security alarm.

How to Manage Users in ADT Pulse


Instructions on how to manage users in the ADT Pulse portal. Add, edit, and remove user access with ease.

Video Doorbell Management


Watch how to manage your ADT doorbell in the Pulse app.