Google Assistant FAQs

With the ADT Pulse Google actions, you can control select ADT Pulse home automation with your voice through Google Home


 Say commands like…

“Ok Google, Turn on my kitchen lights.”

“Hello Google, Set the thermostat to 70 degrees.”

“Ok Google, Turn my lights to 50%.”

“Ok Google, Arm my system.”

“Hello Google, Lock my door.” 

At this time, you can arm your system, lock your doors and control your ADT lights and thermostats. You can Ask Google Assistant to arm your system, ask if you left the hall light on, lock your doors when you come home, ask what the current temperature is in your home, or even to dim the bedroom lights. ADT and Google are working hard to continue to add actions into Google home so you can control even more of your ADT Pulse features with your Google Home Device.

 Here are some example commands you can use to control your ADT connected home. 

"OK Google" or "Hello Google"

  1. Turn on my lights
  2. Dim my lights
  3. Set my heat to 70 degrees
  4. Set my AC to 72 degrees
  5. Turn the heat up two degrees
  6. What is the temperature of the thermostat?
  7. Arm my system
  8. Lock my door

Your Google Home device will not show as a paired device in your ADT Pulse app and cannot be accessed/controlled through your ADT Pulse app. It can only be controlled and accessed via voice command through your Google Home device, or via the Google app.

No. Once you have integrated ADT Pulse with Google Assistant, you can change the names of your devices. Whatever you name your devices is what you will call them when you ask Google to perform an action.

No. Every time you add an ADT device to your ADT system and want to integrate it to Google assistant, you will need to say, “Hey Google, Sync my devices.”

The ADT Pulse skill is available to all ADT Pulse customers as an added service with no additional costs associated outside of your standard monthly fee. You will need to have ADT Pulse approved light bulbs, light modules and thermostats to control from your Google device.

ADT does not currently sell Google Home devices.

If you already have a Google Home device, you will be able to enable the ADT Pulse skill at no additional cost.

You will not need to access your ADT Pulse app to enable the ADT Pulse skill in your Google Assistant account.

You do not need a smartphone with you or nearby to use the ADT Pulse with Google Assistant.

Yes, your Google Home device needs to be connected to the internet to use the ADT Pulse skill.

Google Assistant responds to two sets of wake words: "OK Google" is the main phrase but you can use "Hey Google" as well.  You don't have to change any settings as it will hear both.

Yes. Once devices are visible on the Google Home app in the device screen, group them by adding to Rooms. For example, you can create a group of lights for the Kitchen. “Ok Google, turn on my kitchen lights.”

Google Home device only understands one command at a time. For example, OK Google, turn on my kitchen lights. OK Google, turn my Thermostat to 70 degrees.