DSC Impassa - Quick Guide

DSC Impassa Panel and Keypad

For a detailed review of the entire system, please view the DSC Impassa manual.

Arm and Disarm


  • To arm all sensors in AWAY mode when you are leaving the premises, press and hold [AWAY]. 
  • To arm all sensors in STAY mode when you are not leaving the premises, press and hold [STAY] + [security code].
  • To Quick Arm, press [*] + [0]. To enable or disable the Quick Arm feature on your device, enter [*] + [9] + [Master Code] + [4].


  • To disarm, enter your [security code].

For more information on this topic please visit the complete DSC Impassa manual.


  • The DSC Impassa operates on a 7.2V 3.6Ah battery which is only available through select retailers. We recommend searching online or calling ahead to your local battery dealer to confirm availability.
  • Loss of AC power and use of backup battery power is indicated by "Loss of AC Power."
  • A low battery condition is indicated by "Service Required."

For more information on this topic please visit the complete DSC Impassa manual.

Bypass Protected Areas

Bypassing a zone allows you to arm your system with certain protected areas intentionally unarmed or to access a protected area when the system is armed.

  • To bypass a zone, press [*] to enter the function menu.
  • Press [1] or [*], then your [security code].
  • Enter the two digit number of the zone to be bypassed or use the [<>] keys to find the zone.
  • Press [*] to select a zone.
  • To exit bypassing mode and return to Ready state, press [#].

  • To unbypass a zone, simply arm and disarm your system.

For more information on this topic please visit the complete DSC Impassa manual.

Change Date and Time

  • Press [*] + [6] + [Master security code] to enter the programming menu.
  • Use [<>] to find [Time and Date Programming], then press [*].
  • Enter the time in 24-hour format, i.e., 16:30 for 4:30pm.
  • Enter the date in MM:DD:YY format, i.e., 03/02/15 for March 2, 2015.
  • Press [#] to exit.

Chimes and Beeps

When your system is in chime mode, a chime alert will sound three tones whenever a protected door/window is opened.

  • To turn the door chime function on or off, press and hold the [Chime] key for two seconds or press [*] + [4].

For more information on this topic please visit the complete DSC Impassa manual.


  • To clear the display after an alarm event, first press [*] + [3] to view the event.
  • To clear the event history, arm, and then disarm your system with your [security code].
  • To clear the display after a fire alarm, press [*] + [7] + [2], or Arm then Disarm.
  • Trouble Condition alarms will clear from the display when the condition no longer exists.

Security Codes

You can program up to 16 additional user codes and attributes. Additional users will be restricted to arming and disarming functions, while the Master user code can perform all functions.

  • To change the Master Code, press [*][5][Current Master Code][40][New 4 or 6 digit Master Code][#].

  • To program a new user:
    1. Press [*] + [5] + [Master Code].
    2. Enter the two-digit user number/slot to be programmed (01-16), or use the [<][>] to find the desired user number/slot and press [*] to select.
    3. Enter the new user’s new 4 or 6 digit access code.
    4. Continue adding additional user codes or press [#] to exit.
  • To erase an access code, press [*][5][Master Code][2-digit user number/slot (01-16)][*][#].

User Attributes

  • To assign additional attributes to a user code:
    1. Press [*][5][Master or Supervisor][9]
    2. Enter the [2=digit user number/slot] OR use [<][>] to find the desired user number/slot and press [*] to select.
    3. Use [<][>] to scroll to the attribute you want to program and press [*] to toggle on/off OR enter [Attribute Number] to toggle on/off.

Some user numbers have been pre-programmed:

Attribute Explanation Attribute Number
Supervisor Similar to Master Code. [1]

Secretly notifies the monitoring center of duress. Intended for use only when you are forced to arm or disarm the system against your will.  [2]
Zone Bypassing Can manually bypass zones and arm/disarm the system.
Onetime User Code Can disarm the system once per day. Reset daily at midnight. [8]

For a complete list of User Code Attributes please see the DSC Impassa manual.

Trouble Conditions

Your security system is able to automatically test itself for power failures, low batteries, nonworking sensors, and communication troubles with the central monitoring station. When a trouble condition is detected, the trouble indicator will turn on and the keypad will beep every 10 seconds. Press [*] and [2] to view the trouble condition. The trouble indicator will flash. Use the [<] [>] keys to view troubles.

To silence trouble beeps, press [#].

For a complete list of Trouble Conditions, please refer to the DSC Impassa Troubleshooting page.


The buzzer provides audible confirmation that a command to the panel has been executed.

The buzzer has 21 different levels of volume.

  • To adjust the buzzer level, press [*] + [6] + [Master code].
  • Use the [<>] buttons to scroll to [Buzzer Control], then press [*] to select.
  • Use the [<>] to scroll to the desired level, then press [#] to exit.
  • To disable the buzzer, choose level [00].