Communication Failure Troubleshooting

Connection failure is a trouble condition that may be caused by an interruption in internet connectivity while the system is the process of downloading or uploading information. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve connection issue that your system may be encountering.


Test your system

  1. Place your system on test.
  2. Check your alarm activity for signals sent during the test.
  3. If signals were sent during the test, your security system is functioning correctly.
  4. If signals were not sent during the test, your security system is not functioning correctly. Please proceed to the next step.

Is your security system connected via landline?

  1. ​Check your telephone for a dial tone. If your telephone has a dial tone, verify that your security system is connected to the telephone jack.
  2. If there is no dial tone, remove the security system's telephone cable from the telephone jack.
  3. Check your telephone for a dial tone once again. If the telephone connection is now working, you may reconnect your security system.
  4. If there was no dial tone in the previous step, reconnect your system and contact your telephone company for service.


Is your security system connected via cell unit

  1. Find out which carrier provides service for you cell unit. 
  2. Check for cell tower outages in your area.
  3. If your cell unit's carrier is experiencing a tower outage, please wait 48 hours for the outage to be resolved, or contact the carrier.
  4. If your cell unit's carrier is not experiencing a tower outage, please proceed to the last section on this page.


Is your system connected to the Internet via an IP transmitter?

  1. ​Confirm that you have internet connectivity.
  2. If you are able to connect, disconnect the Ethernet cable from your IP transmitter, wait 15 seconds, and reconnect it.
  3. Perform a communication test
  4. If you are not able to connect, please contact your internet phone provider and test your system once connectivity has been restored.


If you have received a notice from ADT to reboot your Command system, please follow the instructions below for your system

To correct certain trouble conditions, you may be asked to reboot your Command system. A system reboot will shut down the Command panel and bring it back up again. Connections with the internet and system devices will be disconnected. They will be re-established when the system comes up again. System programming, such as user codes, panel options and Wi-Fi configuration will not be changed.


  1. Be sure your Command panel is disarmed
  2. On the panel, tap the right arrow to access the second menu
  3. Tap Tools
  4. Enter the master code
  5. Tap the Advanced icon
  6. Tap System Reboot
  7. The screen will go blank for a few seconds, then "Resideo" will display. This is the manufacturer of the panel.
  8. The system will then display a message that it is starting up. This will take less than a minute.
  9. Once the reboot is complete, the home screen will display.

Keypad (2x16 or Hybrid)

  1. Be sure your Command panel is disarmed.
  2. On the keypad, tap the master code, then #, then # again.
  3. Once the reboot is complete, the system ready message will display.


Unable to resolve your issue?

If you were not able to resolve this issue, make a note of the steps you tried. Please call 1-800-ADT-ASAP for assistance.