Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Camera Offline


The following steps for troubleshooting problems with your Wi-Fi camera are taken from the video above.

If your Wi-Fi camera is not connected and is listed as ‘status unknown’ on your mobile app, touchscreen panel or web portal, your camera may be positioned in a Wi-Fi dead zone or require a complete power restart. 

  • Check your Wi-Fi camera for LED lights indicating power. If your camera’s LED lights are lit up, then the issue likely involves Wi-Fi availability. Please continue onto step 4. View in video at [0:49].

  • If there are no lit up LED light indicators on your Wi-Fi camera, verify that the unit is plugged in correctly. Double check the wall outlet, which can lose power due to a tripped circuit breaker, GFI switch or unpowered wall switch. View in video at [0:54].

  • Power down, then power up your Wi-Fi camera and ADT Gateway. Allow your Gateway a full five minutes to power up and reconnect to the Wi-Fi signal. Then power up the Wi-Fi camera and allow it a few moments to connect. View in video at [1:10].

  • If your camera has power but still offline, your camera may be in a Wi-Fi dead zone. Please continue on to step 5. View in video at [1:33].

  • Try moving your Wi-Fi camera closer to the ADT Gateway by powering down, relocating the camera, and then powering up your camera closer to the Wi-Fi source. View in video at [1:42].

  • If your Wi-Fi camera continues to remain offline, try logging into your Pulse account and deleting the camera. Re-add the camera and check for a Wi-Fi signal. View in video at [1:57].

  • If your issues persist, please call 1-800-ADT-ASAP for assistance.

Video Encoder

Your cameras may be linked to a Video Encoder. If so, additional troubleshooting may be required.

  • What does the ADT Video Encoder do?
    The video encoder links your high-definition analog camera to the ADT Pulse digital system. It transforms the analog signal into digital, allowing you to stream video from your analog cameras to the Pulse platform. The encoder’s video streaming resolution is up to 720p.

  • How is the ADT Video Encoder connected?
    The ADT Video Encoder is connected by a wire from your camera to the Video In port on the front. An Ethernet cable from the Video Encoder connects to the Device LAN port on your Pulse Gateway.

  • How does my Video Encoder get power?
    Your Video Encoder is powered in one of two ways: by an AC Adapter plugged into an outlet, or a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch box. If a PoE switch is used, then your camera is powered by the switch box, and does not need an AC Adapter plug. The PoE switch box, if present, is powered by its own AC Adapter plugged into an outlet. It is connected to the encoder by an Ethernet cable, and then connected to your Pulse Gateway by another Ethernet cable.

  • My camera is offline. How do I check if the ADT Video Encoder is the problem?
    There are a few solutions you could try to verify if your ADT Video Encoder is causing your camera to go offline:
    • First, check the Power LED on the front of the video encoder. If the light is not green, then make sure that the encoder has power.
      • If your encoder has a power adapter, verify that it is plugged into a working outlet. Once power is restored, wait about 1-2 minutes for the encoder and camera to come back online.
      • If your encoder is getting its power from a PoE switch box, make sure the switch box is plugged onto a working outlet, and that the Ethernet cables are securely connected from the encoder to the PoE Switch and from the PoE switch to your Pulse Gateway. Verify that the power LED is green, and that your Gateway has power.

    • Next, check the Network LED. If it is not green, your encoder is not connected to the Pulse Gateway. Make sure the Ethernet cable is securely connected from the encoder to your Gateway. Verify that your internet is working. It may be necessary to restart your Gateway. Once the Gateway comes back online, allow about 1-2 minutes for the encoder and camera to come back online.

    • Finally, if your encoder is still offline, it likely needs a reset. Delete the video encoder from your Pulse portal in the Manage Devices section. Then reset the device by using a paper clip to press the Reset button on the front of the device for approximately 15 seconds, then release it. Once the LED lights stop flashing and become solid green, verify that the encoder and camera are back online. Make sure to re-enroll the device in Manages Device section of your Pulse portal. Deleting and re-enrolling an encoder is the same process as deleting and re-enrolling a camera. Refer to Pulse Camera Add-On and Replacement for step-by-step instructions.

If your camera(s) or Video Encoder are still offline, please call 1-800-ADT-ASAP for assistance.

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