Simon XT Troubleshooting

Includes the following systems: Simon, Simon 2, Simon 3, Simon XT, Simon XT Touchscreen and Simon XTi.

Trouble Conditions

Your security system is able to automatically test itself for power failures, low batteries, nonworking sensors, and communication troubles with the ADT Monitoring Centers. When your security system detects a trouble condition, six rapid beeps will sound every minute for four hours until the trouble condition is corrected.

To silence trouble beeps, press [STATUS] or arm/disarm the system.

Causes of Trouble Codes

Trouble Condition
AC Power Failure The system has lost AC power from the transformer that is plugged into your building's power. It is continuing to operate for a limited time on the backup battery. Refer to the Power Failure Troubleshooting page.

Note: If AC power is not restored within 15 seconds, the keypad will go dark and trouble beeps will begin. The display will light up again if any button is pressed.
Clearing Status Some status conditions, such as the alarm history, must be cleared manually. To clear the system status, press [STATUS], read or listen to the status messages, then press [DISARM].
Communication Failure The system has failed to communicate with the ADT Monitoring Centers. Refer to the Communication Failure Troubleshooting page. To clear the message, perform a System Test to verify that communications have been restored.
Low Battery (w/ zone number) The wireless device on the zone # listed has a low battery. Press [STATUS] [STATUS] to hear which sensors are experiencing trouble. Refer to the Find the Right Sensor Battery page to determine which battery your sensor needs.
Low Battery Phone Module The phone module for the system (also known as a DTIM unit) has approximately 7 days of battery power left. Once the battery is depleted, the system will not be able to communicate with the ADT Monitoring Centers.

The phone module battery must be replaced since it does not have its own power supply. It uses a 3.6 Volt AA Lithium battery. To change battery, open the unit by removing the screw from the securing tab. Press the tab in and lift the cover off.

Note: The phone module is normally not located near the panel.
Module Failure A hard-wired sensor is experiencing technical issues. Press [STATUS] [STATUS] to hear which sensors are experiencing trouble. Refer to the Sensor Troubleshooting page.
Restoration of Power Occurs after a complete loss of power (AC power and backup battery). When power is restored, the panel will return to the arming state with the same zones bypassed it had prior to losing power. This is an informational message.
RF Jam/Option 50 Detected The system is experiencing radio frequency (RF) interference which limits the ability for the system to communicate with the ADT Monitoring Centers. Refer to the Radio Frequency Interference Troubleshooting page.
Sensor Failure (w/ zone name or number) Occurs if a sensor is not communicating with the panel. Trouble beeps will sound and pressing [STATUS] will display which sensors have failed. Refer to the Sensor Troubleshooting page.
Sensor Open
This condition occurs if a door or window is open or a sensor has been disturbed and not properly reset. Pressing [STATUS] will display "Sn # Front Door Open" to indicate the problem sensor. Close the affected door or window. Reset the panel to correct the problem.
Sensor Tamper (w/ zone name) This condition occurs when a sensor is physically tampered with, for example when the cover is taken off of one of the sensors. Press [STATUS] and the display will show "Sn # Front Door Tampered." Secure the cover on the affected sensor. Reset the panel to correct the problem.
Siren Failure This is normally an issue with a hardwired siren. Pressing [STATUS] + [DISARM] to clear this message. Perform a System Test to verify that the system is functioning properly.
System Access Alarm The control panel cover was opened while the system was armed. A Tamper Alarm will be sent to the ADT Monitoring Centers.
System Battery Failure Pressing [STATUS] displays the message “System Low Battery”. This message indicates a low system backup battery. Refer to the Recharge or Replace a Battery page.
System Time is Not Set Please refer to the Change System Date and Time to set your panel's time and date.

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