Lynx & QuickConnect Troubleshooting

Includes the following systems: Ademco Lynx and Safewatch QuickConnect Plus.

Trouble Conditions

Trouble conditions, or trouble codes, are indicated by the word CHECK and continual beeping from the touchpad. Any key will silence the beeping. A display of CHECK + zone no. may indicate that a problem requires your attention. Check the specified zone area, close any open doors or windows and enter your security code and press [OFF]. If your system includes wireless sensors, the CHECK condition may be caused by some change in the environment of the protected area.

To silence trouble beeps, press any key or enter your [security code] and press [OFF].

Causes of Trouble Codes

Trouble Condition
AC/No AC The system has lost AC power from the transformer that is plugged into your building's power. It is continuing to operate for a limited time on the backup battery. Refer to the Power Failure Troubleshooting page.
ALARM Appears when an intrusion alarm goes off while the system is armed, during a fire alarm or when an audible emergency alarm is sounding. Your panel will display the protection zone that is in alarm.

To cancel an alarm, press [security code] + [OFF].
All burglary zones  (e.g. doors, windows, glass breaks, etc.) are armed. This is an informational message.
bF This indicates that the cell or radio unit used by the system is not working, or that the system has lost contact with it. The system is unable to connect with the Monitoring center. Refer to the Radio Frequency Interference Troubleshootingpage.

This message is displayed when one or more burglary protection zones have been bypassed. This is an informational message.

For more information about Bypass Protection Zones, please refer to the Ademco Lynx User Guide or the Safewatch QuickConnect User Guide.

CA/ALARM CANCELED The alarm has been canceled after sounding during the exit delay. Clear this message by entering [security code] + [OFF], [security code] + [OFF]. This is an informational message.
CC/MODEM COMM The panel is communicating with the Central Station computer and will not operate while on the line. The message will clear in 1-2 minutes. This is an informational message.
CHIME This code appears when the CHIME feature is activated. This is an informational message.To turn Chime on/off, press [FUNCTION] + [CHIME].
d1 (DL) The system is either powering up after a recent power outage or is in Standby Mode. This informational message should clear in 2-3 minutes.
EA/EXIT ERROR An Exit Alarm has occurred. This alarm is caused by a zone being open at the end of the exit delay time. It can also be caused when a fault occurs in any zone within two minutes after an exit delay. Reset the keypad by pressing [security code] + [OFF], [security code] + [OFF].
FAULT [zone #] A problem exists with the displayed zone. There will be rapid beeping from the keypad. Press any key on the keypad to silence the beeping. Refer to the Sensor Troubleshooting page. Once the problem has been corrected, the FAULT display will disappear from the keypad screen.
FAULT 103/LNG RNG TRBL This message indicates that there is a problem with the cell unit, a case tamper or a loss of network registration. Refer to the Communication Failure Troubleshooting page.
FC/COMM FAIL The system has failed to communicate with the Customer Monitoring Centers. Refer to the Communication Failure Troubleshooting page.

A fire alarm or fire zone fault is present. The zone that is experiencing the fault will display.

For a fire alarm, the keypad and siren will sound:

3 pulses – pause – 3 pulses – pause – 3 pulses - pause…

Reset the keypad by pressing [security code] + [OFF], [security code] + [OFF].

If the keypad does not clear, the smoke detector may still be detecting smoke or heat. Remove the source of the smoke or heat if it can be done safely. It may be necessary to fan the detector for 30 seconds to clear the smoke from the vicinity. The smoke detector may also be set off by dust or when an insect enters the detector. Gently remove the dust and/or insects (a vacuum may be used with care). It may be necessary to reset the smoke detector.

When the problem has been corrected, reset the keypad by pressing [security code] + [OFF], [security code] + [OFF].

INSTANT The system is armed in “Stay” mode with the entry delay turned off. The alarm will sound immediately if any protected door or window is opened, including Entry/Exit doors. This is an informational message.
LOW BATT with no zone number The system has a low backup battery.  Refer to the Recharge or Replace a Battery page.
LOW BATT with zone number Indicates a low battery in a sensor. The zone number of the affected device is given. Refer to the Find the Right Sensor Battery page.

This code appears when a message has been recorded and has not yet been played back. This is an informational message.

  • To listen to the message, press [#] + [3]
  • To skip a message, press [*]
  • To delete all messages, press [#] + [3] + [#] + [STAY]
  • To record a message, press [#] + [1]
  • To end recording, press [OFF]

Note: A single message can be a maximum of 20 seconds long. All messages remain in memory until deleted. Refer to the Ademco Lynx User Guide or the Safewatch QuickConnect User Guide for further details.


This message will appear when [STATUS] is pressed and there are one or more open zones. The “Ready” light will be blinking. Press [STATUS] again to display the open zones. Check that the open doors and windows are closed. The system is ready to be armed when this message disappears, or the zone is bypassed, and the Ready light comes on.

To bypass a zone, press [security code] + [bypass] + [2-digit zone # to bypass]. Note: to bypass zones 1 through 9, the zone number must be preceded by a zero (for example 03, 05, 09)


This code appears in place of the clock when the speaker phone mode is active. This is an information message.

Note: Speakerphone is an optional feature that must be programmed into your system at installation. A land line to the alarm system is required.

  • To place a call, press [#] + [AUX] and dial the desired number
  • To answer a call, press [#] + [AUX]
  • To hang up, press [OFF]
REC This code appears when the system is in Recording Mode. This is an informational message.
STAY The perimeter burglary zones (e.g. doors, windows, glass breaks, etc.) are armed. Motion detectors are not armed to allow for free movement within the premises. This is an informational message.
TEST/TEST IN PROGRESS This code appears when the system is in Test Mode. For more information about TEST mode, please refer to the  System Testing page. This is an informational message.
90 RF Jam The system is experiencing radio frequency (RF) interference which limits the ability for the system to communicate with the Monitoring Center.  Refer to the Radio Frequency Interference Troubleshooting page.

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