Emergency Contacts


Emergency Contacts are the phone numbers that you have instructed ADT to call if we receive an an emergency alarm signal or to confirm a false alarm from your protected premises.

During an alarm event, ADT will first call the number(s) you have designated as your primary number. This number is typically your residence, mobile phone or place of business. If there is no answer at this primary number (or under other circumstances), ADT will call the people on your Emergency Contact list in the order in which you have listed them.

We recommend that you have at least three contacts in your list. Update your contact list.

Location Numbers

For many types of alarms, the ADT Customer Monitoring Centers will first attempt to contact you via your location number. This is for your security and to help decrease the likelihood of dispatching authorities on a false alarm.

The number that you provide as your primary or secondary location number does not have to be a landline phone number. You may provide a mobile number, work number or any phone number you want called first in the event of an alarm. The same guidelines apply to both primary and secondary location numbers. These settings may be changed under Account > Emergency Contacts.

Contact Guidelines

The people listed in your contact list should:

  • Be aware that they are on the contact list.
  • Have access to the protected premises and the security code assigned to that premises.
  • Know the current Verbal Security Password. This will allow your contacts to either confirm whether an alarm or false alarm has occurred. This security password does not have to be the same as yours if you do not want to allow anyone else to have access to your account information. To learn more about managing your Verbal Security Password, please refer to the Change Your MyADT Password
  • Have a current United States phone number.

Your contact list may change when you travel out of town, so be sure to utilize our Travel Reminders and Emergency Contacts (located in Account) features.

To set up a password for visiting guests, click on My Alarm>Verbal Passwords>Add New Password. Type in a password in the space next to Verbal Security Password.

Note: If you do not want your guest to have access to your account information, do not check the box next to “Password can manage this location.”

Click Update Password. Remember, if you want to get rid of this password in the future, choose Remove this Password.

Pre-Dispatch Contacts

If ADT is unable to reach someone at your location numbers who can verify if an alarm is false, an additional verification attempt will be made with Pre-Dispatch Contacts in your emergency contact list. Pre-Dispatch Contacts is a proven method of reducing unnecessary calls to the authorities. In many cities and municipalities, security service providers are required to follow the this process.

In order to verify a false alarm, your Pre-Dispatch Contacts contacts must provide a valid security password to the monitoring representative. Be sure they are either assigned their own security password, or that they know one of the common passwords. Manage your Pre-Dispatch Contacts under Account > Emergency Contacts > Pre-Dispatch Contacts.

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