Bypass a Zone


Customers can conduct a Partial Test to test their system. This is a scheduled system test where individual zones and/or services are excluded (bypassed) for a specified amount of time. Partial Tests can be extended or canceled. This test is often used when a sensor is potentially faulty or if it is consistently sending false alarms. Bypassing the zone that the peripheral device is in will allow you to continue using your system until the issue can be addressed.

On most systems, zones can be bypassed by entering one of the sequences shown below on the keypad.  If you do not see your system below, please refer to your system manual or search our Help Center for more information.

Note: You can only use Partial or Quick Bypass instructions if your system was enabled by the installer during installation.

Unsure which system is yours?

  1. While logged into MyADT, click on the blue Overview tab located on the left side of the top menu.
  2. On the Overview page, to the right of the Bill & Payment Summary section, you will find “System Information”.
  3. The name of your system will be shown (e.g., Safewatch Pro 3000).

Common Zone Bypass Keypad Combinations:

Ademco Lynx:  Additional Functions

[security code] + [BYPASS] + [2-digit zone number]


Ademco Vista 20P:  Additional Functions

[security code] + [6] + [2-digit zone number]


BHS 3000:  Additional Functions 

[OPTIONS] + [1] + [zone number], or hold the [OPTIONS] until display reads [BYPASS, ENTER ZONE #], then enter the zone to be bypassed.


BHS 4000:  Additional Functions 

[OPTIONS] + [1] + [zone number], or hold the [OPTIONS] until display reads [BYPASS, ENTER ZONE #], then enter the zone to be bypassed.


DSC Impassa: Additional Functions 

[*] + [1] + [security code] + [2-digit zone number] + [*]


DSC PC 1555:  Additional Functions 

[*] + [1] + [2-digit zone number]


ITI Concord Express:  Additional Functions

[BYPASS] + [security code] + [2-digit zone number]


Safewatch Pro 3000:  Additional Functions

[security code] + [6] + [2-digit zone number]


Safewatch QuickConnect Plus:  Additional Functions


[security code] + [BYPASS] + [2-digit zone number]


Simon XT: Additional Functions

[BYPASS] + [security code] + [scroll to desired sensor] + [ENTER] 


TSSC: Additional Functions 

[security code] + [BYPASS] + [zone number]

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