ADT Pulse Add-ons

Pulse Camera Add-on and Replacement

When you replace an ADT Pulse Camera with same model, Schedules and Automations are not required to go through the Setup process all over.

If the replacement camera is a different model, then the existing camera will need to be removed and any Schedules and Automations associated with that existing camera will also need to be deleted. After you enroll the new camera you can re-enter the Scheudles and Automations that were inplace with the old camera.

Please Note: In certain situations, you may need to perform a factory reset of the camera.

For more information, please visit the Pulse Camera Add-on and Replacement page.

Pulse Lamp and Appliance Module

The ADT Pulse Lamp Appliance Module is an add-on device that pairs to your existing ADT Pulse system, allowing you to control your home's lighting from your ADT Pulse App. Available control options include powering on, powering off, and setting up specific schedules that cater to your needs The ADT Pulse App is available to download on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play or the Android Marketplace for Android users.

The ADT Pulse Lamp Appliance Module is a Z-Wave device, or a wireless communications device that initiates an electronic "handshake" between your mobile phone and the ADT System within your home. Z-Wave devices communicate with the ADT Pulse Gateway and with other Z-Wave devices in range, forming a Z-Wave "mesh" network.

For more information, please visit the ADT Pulse Lamp Appliance Module page.

5 & 8 Port Switches

The 5 & 8 Port Switch is utilized as an interface between NV412A-ADT Video Encoders and the ADT Pulse Gateway. These switches can accomodate up to 4-7 encoders. The final port is connected to the Device LAN port of Gateway/TS Base panel, or to the other switches if the system exceeds 4-7 devices.

For more information, please visit the ADT Pulse 5 and 8 Port Switches page.

Pulse Wi-Fi Range Extender

Your Pulse Fateway Communicates with Wi-Fi peripheral devices, such as Wi-Fi Range Extenders, over a wireless local area network. Other Wi-Fi ADT Pulse peripheral devices include indoor and outdoor IP Cameras and touchscreens.

For more information, please visit the ADT Pulse Wi-Fi Range Extender page.

Pulse Nano EOP Adapter

The ADT Pulse Nano or Ethernet-Over-Powerline (EOP) Adapter connects your router (Wi-Fi hub) to an electrical outlet, which extends the network to another ADT Pulse Nano unit connected next to the ADT Pulse Gateway. Two Nanos are required to create the Powerline Network. For this reason, two ADT Pulse Nanos and two Ethernet cables are included in the carton.

For more information, please visit the ADT Pulse Nano EOP Adapter page.